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IT solutions are more complex than ever, analysis cycles can take much longer than needed, internal resources don’t have the time or capabilities to deliver new solutions, financial ROI models can be very complex, and there are an array of cross-industry suppliers offering every IT solution and service possible. Which providers are best and right for your needs depends on industry expertise, product, solution, service, region, technology, pricing, and their partners. Only those advisory firms such as Techserity are intimately  immersed in IT solutions and services on a regular basis and know which providers are best for your needs, and whether or not you’re paying too much.

How Our IT Solutions Service Is Different

We leverage relations and knowledge of IT solutions and services delivered by over +300 IT business partners. Techserity advisers take away the the time needed by internal resources to assess vendors solutions, so you can focus on innovation and solving business problems with the confidence that an independent expert is making sure you always have the best solutions at the best prices. 

We are IT solution and services experts, not sales people with a specific agenda to sell you something in particular that doesn’t match your needs. You’ll get an objective and unbiased opinion based upon your specific requirements. 

Techserity IT Solutions Engagement Process

  • Discover
    • Client defines their initial requirements, timeline, and assumptions
    • Client contacts Techserity to discuss our IT Solutions engagement process
    • Techserity partners with the client to validate requirements or can develop the requirements if needed
  • Develop
    • Techserity engages 300+ business partners and decide which partners provide the best possible fit
    • Techserity works with our business partners to answer questions and achieve clarity for the client’s needs
  • Direct
    • Techserity provides an executive summary presentation on vendors general market positioning, customers, industry expertise, recommended solutions, pricing, terms and conditions of contract and an overall difference in various offerings
    • Techserity partners with the client to interview providers to clarify any questions
    • Techserity and the client collaborate to decide which provider is finalist
    • Techserity and the client partner together to negotiate solutions and services terms, conditions and pricing
  • Implement
    • Techserity helps our clients with any additional planning and manages the implementation, if requested
  • Maintain
    • Techserity provides support through contract, as needed

How Techserity’s Client Engagement Process Helps You

  • Allows you to focus on business problem solving, innovation and growth
  • Clients save time by outsourcing much of the vendor assessment and analysis process
  • Quickly and easily valuate more solutions and reduce your procurement cycle times
  • Evaluate more vendors without dealing with multiple sales people
  • Engage with objective and unbiased IT solutions and services experts, not sales people
  • Ensure your contracts terms and conditions are in your best interest
  • Ensure that vendors support services match your SLAs and achieve best in class service

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