Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

IT is crucial to successful mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. However, IT is most often the root cause of failed transactions efforts due to incomplete IT diligence, poor systems integration planning, lack of process improvement plans, and lack of strong IT leadership.

Techserity offers strategic advice to corporations, private equity funds and public sector clients regarding merger and acquisition efforts. Techserity’s M&A advisory insight and playbooks enables us to deliver value-added services.

Techserity Helps Clients:

  • Clearly understand the business value of transactions
  • Determine the overall time and effort of activities
  • Manage change and cultural challenges
  • Properly perform IT diligence and assess the impact on key business processes
  • Ensure transaction service agreements are in place during transition
  • Ensure that you have the right IT leadership before, during and after the transaction
  • Deliver value on business objectives and maintain day to day uninterrupted operations
  • Ensure Security and Compliance

Techserity Delivers Value Throughout The M&A Cycle

  • IT Diligence – Perform a comprehensive environment assessment, define a high-level integration strategy, roadmap, and cost analysis
  • Planning – Leverage information gathered from the due diligence phase to develop a detailed roadmap, and integration plan’
  • Integration – Use a formal methodology and tools to ensure a smooth path to full integration

Successful M&A transactions happen when the right advisory is involved early in the process to help companies quickly realize value that the deals bring.

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