IT Assessment and Performance Improvement

All great journeys begin with an assessment and understanding of your current state. The goal of assessment is to collect data that helps organizations identify their current environment and find opportunities for improvement. Techserity has developed a large and flexible assessment and best practices toolkit that has been sharpened by years of experience. Best practices are market tested, save time, and remove guesswork from planning. They help ensure reliable, cost effective and customer focused operations.  Techserity’s assessment toolkit, at minimum, includes the following best practices and is scaled and adapted for each individual client’s needs:

Assessment Value

Organizations are constantly looking for the most cost effective ways to assess, prioritize, create and capture businesses value. An assessment is a great place to start. Some of the value attained from assessments include:

  • Clear current IT state definition and understanding of IT capabilities.
  • Quantitative industry benchmarks and measures of how well technology aligns with business goals and objectives.
  • List of material discovered risks and remediation recommendations.
  • Determine whether IT operating and capital budgets are in line with industry norms.
  • Evaluation of scalability of current infrastructure and application portfolio.
  • Comprehensive inventory of systems, applications, data storage, network devices and configurations.
  • Preparedness understanding for mergers or acquisitions.
  • Determines on average life expectancy of platforms.
  • Validate valuation accuracy of financial statements and that other information is disclosed fairly and at appropriately.

A properly performed IT assessment will allow you to understand your environment, discover missing and integral components of your landscape and prepare your organization to deal with current IT issues that impact the business and identify other issues before they become big problems.

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