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Designing, building, or transforming an IT organisation without the right leadership can be an immensely challenging and costly, but Techserity can provide you with the right leadership at the right time to solve your IT dilemmas.

Techserity provides interim and supplemental senior IT leadership services. Techserity leaders have a proven record of accomplishment of success across a range of organizations. Techserity provides companies with years of experience and record of accomplishment to quickly take on whatever IT challenge companies face.

At Techserity our interim leadership purpose is simple…to provide the best management talent, on demand, quickly and for just the time that you need.

Techserity can provide interim IT leadership in the following roles:

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Vice President (VP) of Information Technology
  • Director of Information Technology

Why would you use Techserity as an interim IT leader?

  • Experienced executives with proven track records including an average of 20+ years experience.
  • Sudden departure of mission critical executive. Interim IT leadership can be in place in days.
  • Augment your current CIO and provide additional bandwidth during peak workloads.
  • Objectivity will bring fresh prospective.
  • Provide leadership where current staff is unable.
  • Provide seamless leadership while performing a search for a full-time candidate.
  • Fill in for individuals that need to take extended leaves of absence.
  • Act as a guiding hand, coach or mentor to a permanent CIO.
  • Transfer experience and knowledge to the IT management team.
  • Rescue major and critical initiatives that are in trouble.
  • Serve as a part-time resource until a full-time resource is needed.
  • Ensure successful diligence and integration for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Bring fresh perspective to Business and IT Strategy and Integration Planning.
  • Create unbiased and objective reviews that leadership may not have considered.

Results of our CIO advisory include:

  • Business Aligned IT Strategy and Road-maps
  • IT Assessment and Performance Transformation
  • IT Organization Design
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Interim and Supplemental CIO

Techserity’s CIO Advisory Services can be counted on as a highly trusted business partner that provides CEO and CFOs with highly experienced IT leadership, from defining IT strategy and managing the architecture to measuring and maximizing IT value and performance.

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