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Why CEOs need a Business Continuity Plan and IT Disaster Recovery Plan

The recent major fire at ProPortion's Food Processing Plant in downtown Los Angeles is a great reason why you need a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). Numerous companies have no BCP or DRP. There are numerous reasons for this that include: The process is too expensive or time consuming BCP and DRP [...]

10 Powerful Reasons to Work with a Supplier-Neutral IT Solution Provider for Telco & Cloud Solutions

Gain access to unlimited supplier options You'll get the best supplier options for your company's needs. Your IT Solution Provider will filter the optimum telecom and Cloud providers based upon your specific objectives and their strengths. Secure a single point of contact You'll get one "throat to choke", meaning less finger pointing and fewer headaches [...]

CEO and CFO Advisory: IT Assessment and Strategy Development

CEO and CFO Challenges Senior business executives are dealing with numerous issues including geopolitical uncertainty, dramatic shifts in consumer divergence, cybersecurity threats, and rapid technology changes. From worries over uncertain economic growth, over-regulation and changing health care reform, CEOs and CFOs have a lot to handle and Information Technology (IT) is just one of those [...]

CEO Best Practices for Information Technology

For most CEOs that have come up through the CFO and COO ranks, IT can be viewed as an overly complex, hard to understand, cost only center. IT is incredibly complex to lead and technology continues to change at a dizzying pace. IT can sometimes be seen as an inhibitor and not a partner that drives innovation for top [...]