About Techserity

What we do

Techserity works across all types of industries, with all kinds of clients and offers global IT offerings to:

  • Large global corporations
  • Small to Midsize companies
  • Start-ups
  • Private equity firms
  • Nonprofits

C-Suite Executives look to us for help with:

  • Transforming their IT organization
  • Reducing IT operating costs, simplifying IT delivery, shifting IT costs on the balance sheet to improve cash flow
  • Reducing the complexity, cost and time needed procuring IT solutions and services from multiple vendors
  • Determining if they have the right IT leadership and IT organization for the business
  • The ability to provide their high-potential leader the full capability to move IT and the business forward
  • Better data analytics and reporting right now and build a business intelligence strategy for the future
  • Ways IT can do better to help improve core business processes and improve top and bottom line profitability
  • Positioning IT and our corporate culture as a better business partners and bring innovative solutions to our business
  • Benchmarking how much money other companies in their industry are spending on IT and how much should be spent on IT as part of overall revenue
  • Deciding if moving to the cloud the right thing for their company
  • How do we to go to the cloud when their not sure what needs to stay and go or what contract terms and conditions they need
  • Determining how prepared they are for cybersecurity risks
  • Assessing how adequately prepared they are for business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios
  • Developing a culture that retains and attracts to talent
  • Being prepared to adopt emerging technologies (social, mobile. IoT, AI, robotics) into our existing technology landscape
  • Achieving greater IT operational value through optimized IT service delivery to the employees, business partners, and customers
  • Making decisions on outsourcing and shared services as part of their enterprise strategy
  • Determining how prepared is the IT organization is to successfully provide pre and post merger and acquisition diligence and integration for growth

What sets us apart

Techserity saves you time, cost, and internal resources from the worry of selecting, procuring, and managing IT solutions and IT services by numerous third party providers. Techserity helps move your IT organization move from a delivery provider to innovation partner and sustainably reduces your IT costs, service delivery implementation time, improves your customer satisfaction, and provides a single go to business partner with access to over 300+ IT Services partner companies. You can know focus on areas that provide you strong IT business partner value that include innovation, governance, process improvement, service strategy and continual service improvement.

Our approach to solutions

Our clients want to focus on their core and what they are best. They don’t want to spend time analyzing potential solutions and associated costs engaging with multiple vendors in multiple rounds of sessions, redefining requirements over and over. We’re the experts at doing this for you. We engage our 300+ IT Solutions business partners with your needs and bring you the best fits, without you having to spend your time, resources and money analyzing vendors for the right solutions. 

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Our approach to services

Techserity offers a similar approach to our Solutions Services. We are your one stop shop for finding the right IT Services for your organization. However, Techserity does offer many of our IT Services through our own internal resources. If there’s not a service that we can provide from our organization, then we can find the right through one of our business partners. There’s never a need to feel like you can’t find the right resources. Techserity can do it for you.

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