ITO Shared Services Advisory

Trust alone is not enough to rest on with outsourcing relationships. There needs to be strong contractual agreements that include at minimum statements of work, service level agreements, legal conditions, payment terms, scalability, flexibility and a structured governance process. Given the scale, the investment risk involved in outsourcing, an objective, unbiased and expert option is critical, and a must. Techserity applies deep hands-on experience in every aspect of outsourcing contracts from start to finish including:

  • Strategy – Assess global service delivery model options, business case development
  • Solution – Design target operating model and road maps identify potential providers
  • Implementation – Transition organization to new operating model
  • Optimization – Identify improvement opportunities in current arrangements
  • Governance – Maximize value, mitigate risks, provide ongoing senior leadership

Why Choose Techserity?

  • Full project cycle experience
  • Objectivity and unbiased opinion
  • Systematic and proven approach
  • Metrics, benchmarking and tool kits
  • 300+ IT Services Partners
  • Strong knowledge of global service providers capabilities

What Techserity can do for you

  • Define an IT sourcing strategy that aligns with your business and IT goals
  • Help you to set out sourcing arrangements that are efficient, effective and fit for the future
  • Implement the solutions through well-managed transition and transformation programs
  • Set out operating models and governance that maximize the benefits from your sourcing arrangements
  • Drive continuous improvement of services
  • Assure quality of work and improve strained relationships

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